Gas Saver Devices and Products That Really Work

Hey, Dave here. When it comes to saving gas there are quite a few things that you can do to improve a cars overall fuel efficiency. Although driving habits can have the biggest impact on gas mileage, regular vehicle maintenance like checking tire pressure and changing your oil on time can also help to improve your cars fuel efficiency. The good news is that there are a few gas saver devices and products available today that really work to increase fuel economy without the risk of damage to your engine.The first product you should invest in for long term gas savings is a high-flow air filter. Switching to a high-flow air filter is probably one of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve your cars fuel efficiency and overall engine performance. High-flow air filters allow your engine to pull larger amounts of clean oxygen into the combustion chamber for a more balanced air/fuel mixture. As a mechanic I highly recommend using K&N air filters as they provide maximum air flow and are backed by a 10 year/1,000,000 mile warranty.Another great way to boost your cars MPG is with the use of high performance spark plugs. While there are many different types of high performance spark plugs available, Halo Spark Plugs are probably your best option for increasing vehicle gas mileage. Halo spark plugs provide greater combustion efficiency due to increased flame front. The patented Halo design allows the initial flame to disperse more evenly onto the piston, giving you more power from every drop of fuel while lowering emissions due to a more complete fuel burn. Halo spark plugs also come with a 3 year/50,000 mile warranty. Keep in mind that when switching to high performance spark plugs, it would also be a good idea to upgrade your spark plug wires as well.The next gas saver product that I would like to discuss is called the Best Mileage Chip, or BMC for short. The BMC is a vehicle computer chip that allows for maximum fuel mileage by overriding your vehicles factory computer settings. The BMC gas saver chip can also be adjusted for highway or city driving to further maximize your fuel economy needs. When the chip is removed your vehicle computer will return to normal factory settings, so there is no need to worry about damaging your vehicle computer unit. An extremely low price of about $40 each makes these gas saver chips a very cost effective method for improving fuel economy.Although it is not really a product or device, another gas saving idea that I would like to mention is adding acetone to your fuel tank. Now before you go outside and dump acetone into your gas tank, let me first explain how it works and how much is needed to increase fuel mileage without damaging your engine. Acetone works as a gas saver by breaking down fuel molecules to further improve combustion efficiency. Since gasoline molecules tend to cluster together, adding small amounts of acetone to your fuel works extremely well to break down these clusters of fuel molecules, which allows them to vaporize and ignite more completely in the combustion chamber. Of course, this will also lower your emissions, so by using acetone you are killing two birds with one stone.You should only use about 3 ounces of acetone per 10 gallons of gasoline, and only 2 ounces for 10 gallons of diesel fuel. Make sure you use “pure acetone” only, not that technical grade junk found in hardware stores. You can also create a more potent form of this DIY fuel additive called AXG-7, which consists of acetone, xylene and GP-7 (synthetic oil). The complete formula for AXG-7 is too long to describe in this short article, so just stick with acetone for now using the basic formula provided at the beginning of this paragraph.While the above mentioned gas savers are some of the best products for quick MPG improvement, I have decided to save the overall best gas saving device for last. Its called an HHO kit, and it is probably the most effective way to boost your gas mileage without costly engine modification or risk to your vehicle warranty. It works by using very little electricity from your battery to split the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water. This HHO gas mixture is then injected directly into your vehicles air intake system. I have recently built and installed a hydrogen kit in my Nissan X-terra and boy I gotta tell ya, I was surprised when my fuel economy suddenly jumped from 21 to 33 MPG within hours of installing the device in my vehicle.There’s a long line of benefits to be enjoyed from building and installing an HHO kit in your vehicle. The first thing you will notice (besides more MPG) is that your engine will run smoother and quieter than ever before. Your vehicle will also accelerate faster and, should you do an emissions test, you will see that HHO gas reduces harmful emissions by as much as 50%. Using HHO gas helps to remove harmful carbon deposits from inside your engine, which further improves combustion efficiency while increasing the overall lifespan of your engine.

Dave Richards is a General Mechanic who has been researching HHO Technology for the past 2 years. His latest website provides detailed instructions on how to build and install your own Hydrogen Hybrid System.Click here for step-by-step instructions to Build Your Own HHO Kit.

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